Monday, August 6, 2012

Christopher and Seth spread the word

August is a busy month for us as we continue on the bookstore trail to spread the word about Leaping Tall Buildings: The Origins of American Comics. We've already had successful panels at Housing Works and Jim Hanley's Universe, and we'll be following it up at these stores:

August 9th @ 7:00: Christopher makes a solo appearance at Drawn and Quarterly's bookstore in Montreal, Canada, to read samples from LTB and show off Seth's stunning portraiture photography.

August 17th @ 7:30: Both Seth and Christopher appear at Greenlight Bookstore in Brooklyn, but this time to be the interviewed. Calvin Reid from Publisher's Weekly (a longtime supporter of Graphic NYC) will interview the pair about the process and philosophy behind LTB.

August 31st @ 6:30: We're at it again at the downtown location of Midtown Comics in Manhattan, except this time we're joined by our Eisner Award-winning designer and comic book writer Eric Skillman! This informal chat about Leaping Tall Buildings will reveal the whole experience between the three of us in producing our hardcover book.