Sunday, May 6, 2012

Leaping Tall Buildings is out this week!

LeapingTall Buildings: The Origins of American Comics comes out in bookstores everywhere this week. The hardcover book is the culmination of four years of work for us, as you followers of GNYC all know. You may have gotten the initial stories before, but Leaping is how it all fits together--and comes complete with the dazzling design work of Eric Skillman!
Flavorwire says of Leaping: “You may think you know the men and women behind your favorite superheroes, but of course, there’s yet another man behind Clark Kent — his creator.” just featured Leaping Tall Buildings, along with interviews with Kushner and Irving, and noted that “Leaping Tall Buildings: The Origins of American Comics gives the writers and artists who create them a chance to shine.”
            Also, Christopher’s The Drawn Word video interview with X-Men writer Chris Claremont has also just been released and can be seen below. It comes after Christopher's earlier interviews with Mad Magazine’s Peter Kuper and G.I. Joe’s Larry Hama. Next up is his discussion with Bottomless Belly Button creator Dash Shaw.
            Leaping Tall Buildings is published by powerhouse Books, while The Drawn Word TV is co-produced between Irving and Christian Guzman of CSpin Films.