Tuesday, April 10, 2012

The Drawn Word TV launches to celebrate Leaping Tall Bulidings' release!

Christopher Irving, writer of the forthcoming book Leaping Tall Buildings: The History ofAmerican Comics (powerhouse Publishing) with photographer Seth Kushner and writer/editor of digital comics magazine TheDrawn Word, launches a four-episode The Drawn Word video talk show today.
            “The Drawn Word TV presents comics luminaries in the format of an old-fashioned late night show,” Irving says. “It’s a chance for me to take a stab at something I’ve wanted to do for years, but also gives a look at some of the talents I was lucky enough to cover in Leaping Tall Buildings. With the book out at the beginning of May, it felt like the perfect time to do this.”
            The Drawn Word TV was produced with Christian Guzman of C-Spin Films, and assistant produced by Ian Fischer (auteur of the upcoming Steve Rude and Superhero Nation documentaries) and filmmaker Eve Okupniak. The original theme is by Richmond, VA based jazz group Glows in the Dark.
            “Guzman was a dynamo,” Irving says of his co-producer. “Through early planning to final edits, Chris kept it all together and did a fantastic job. Video production was undiscovered country, and Chris, Ian, and Eve were great in helping me realize this.”
            The Drawn Word TV launches with WWIII magazine co-founder and Spy vs. Spy cartoonist Peter Kuper and will continue with three more figures from different aspects of comics.
            Irving’s Graphic NYC partner, Seth Kushner, has also started releasing short videos of his own, also spotlighting subjects from Leaping Tall Buildings. Starting with underground comix legend Kim Deitch, they can be found on the Trip City website, which is also home to Kushner’s CulturePOP photo-comix. Done in conjunction with Carlos Molina, the videos bring Kushner’s distinct photography to life.