Sunday, May 8, 2011

Seth Kushner teams up with Chris Miskiewicz for SPIDERS EVERYWHERE!!



CulturePOP Photocomix may be done for the moment, but GNYC's Seth Kushner still doing Photocomix.  He's collaborated with writer Chris Miskiewicz on his EVERYWHERE Anthology.  The piece, SPIDERS EVERYWHERE, is an homage to B-movies of yesterday and features a young woman being terrorized by thousands of creepy, crawly SPIDERS!

SPIDERS EVERYWHERE is Written by Chris Miskiewicz, Photocomix by Seth Kushner, edited by Dean Haspiel and starring Cat Cabral, David Blatt and Gerry Perrer.

See it here -

The premise for, EVERYWHERE created by Chris Miskiewicz, is simple: You wake up to find that millions of animals have appeared EVERYWHERE around the world at the same moment. What happened and what does it mean when the natural world has gone horribly wrong? Every month Chris teams up with a different artist to illustrated his latest tale.  Past contributors have included; Andrew Wendel, Rick Parker, Bobby Timony and Nathan Schreiber.

"Working on SPIDERS was a unique challenge for me", says Seth.  "Aside from shooting it in a style similar to that of a dramatized film, I had to create literally thousands of spiders!  Chris proved to be an ideal collaborator by writing a well-paced script, casting actors and providing egg and cheese sandwiches on the day of the shoot."