Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Jeffrey Brown's GOOD AT PLAYING - An Original Comic

Intro by Seth Kushner

Jeffrey Brown has been a long-time friend to this site, having contributed a wonderful essay on the Twelve Paintings From The Northern Renaissance which were influential to him and for helping writer Gene Kogan dissect his earlier, mini-comic version of AEIOU.

Soon, Jeffrey will be featured in a full GNYC profile as Christopher Irving and I recently traveled to Chicago to cover five creators for our upcoming book, one of which was Jeffrey.  But before that, some months ago, I asked Jeffrey if he'd be into writing another essay on his influences.  He responded saying he had an idea to write a piece on how playing with toys as a child relates to his storytelling as an adult, and with his book, Incredible Change-Bots Two about to be released, it would be a good tie-in.

Some time passed, and Jeffrey got in touch to let me know he was having some difficulty writing his ideas in essay form, and asked if I'd mind if he drew it as a comic instead?  I responded immediately saying it was a GREAT idea!  A few weeks later I received the fantastic I'm Really Good At Playing, an original Jeffrey Brown comic, created exclusively for Graphic NYC.  A first for us, and we are proud to present it below.  Thanks, Jeffrey!

Jeffrey Brown was born in 1975 in Grand Rapids, Michigan and grew up reading comic books with dreams of someday drawing them, only to abandon them and focus on becoming a 'fine artist.' While earning his studio MFA from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, Brown abandoned painting and began drawing comics with his first autobiographical book Clumsyir.gif in 2001. Since then he's drawn a dozen books for publishers including TopShelf, Fantagraphics, Drawn & Quarterly, McSweeney's and Chronicle Books. Simon & Schuster has published two of his graphic memoirs, Little Thingsir.gif and  Funny Misshapen Bodyir.gif. In addition to directing an animated video for the band Death Cab For Cutie, Brown has had his work featured on NPR's 'This American Life' His art has been shown at galleries in New York, Los Angeles, Paris and at the MCA Chicago. Jeffrey's work has also appeared in the Best American Comics series and received the Ignatz Award in 2003 for 'Outstanding Minicomic.' He has received numerous Ignatz and Harvey Awards nominations as well. Brown began teaching comics at SAIC in 2010.

He currently lives in Chicago with his wife Jennifer and their son.