Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Mike Mignola: 4 Color Portrait

 Picture: Seth Kushner
Words: Christopher Irving

This is the first of Seth's experimental photo-collage series of artist portraits, the 4 Color Portrait, marrying the creators with their projects.

Okay, follow this: curmudgeony guy with horns, a gun belt, trenchcoat, who just happens to be the Beast of the Apocalypse and fights ghosts, Lovecraftian monsters, demons, fairies.

Oh, and his best pals are a girl who goes up in flame, a fishman, and a dude made out of gas. 

Somehow, Hellboy became a hit. Between Mike Mignola's distinctive minimalist art (which looks easy, but is deceptively complicated. Have you ever tried to copy it?), and the quirky and distinctive writing, it's easy to see how. Hellboy is our favorite Hammer horror films, late Saturday night b-movies, Jack Kirby monster comics, old world fairy tales, and creepiest campfire ghost stories, all rolled into one.

So what's not to love about Hellboy or his inimitable creator, Mike Mignola?

Not a damn thing.