Tuesday, April 13, 2010

The Faces of MoCCA Fest 2010

Words & Pictures: Seth Kushner

I look forward to the MoCCA Festival every year.  It always felt like the anti-Comic-Con to me.  It was intimate and indie, never crass and commercial.  MoCCA Fest has always been about the art and love of comics and a great place to discover new books.  Last year presented a slight bump in the road with a change in venue from the classy Puck Building to 69th Regiment Armory.  Gone were the white pillars and billowing drapes of the Puck Building and in their stead was a sweltering inferno of 90+ degree temperatures and a vast florescent lit space, which seemed reminiscent of church basement comic cons of yesteryear.  Even with all that, I still had a blast.  Even at it's worst, MoCCA Fest was still the best con around.
This year, things seemed to get back on track with cooler temperatures and super exciting panels and guests curated by Brian Heater (The Daily Cross Hatch) and Jeff Newelt (SMITH, Heeb, Royal Flush). 

To cover this year's show, Graphic NYC was given exclusive access to the panel guests in order to create a series of photographic portraits and provide a visual document of some of the historic team-ups which occurred.  One highlight being The Art of the Superhero: When Singular Vision Meets Popular Mythology panel, which featured a group which co-organizer and panel moderator Newelt has dubbed "The Fantastic 5."  See photo above and below, and check back later this week for an exclusive look at the panel.

In presenting these portraits, I've decided to let them speak as our coverage of the event.  Many other sites have done a fine job of sharing their thoughts and photos including; Co-organizer Heater on his experiences, Gil Roth on how he spent $300 at the show in an hourMichel Fiffe on meeting Jaime Hernandez, Sean Collins wrapping the whole thing up, and the NY Daily News picks for their favorite comics at the show.

Looking forward to next year!

The panelists of The Art of the Superhero: When Singular Vision Meets Popular Mythology, which gathered these iconic cartoonists, 

Dean Haspiel and Frank Miller

Kyle Baker

Jaime Hernandez

Frank Santoro, moderator  Bill Kartalopoulos and Dash Shaw, after their panel, Dash Shaw and Frank Santoro in Conversation.

Before the Klein Award Ceremony where Kidd presented Mazzucchelli with the award.

The panelists of The MoCCA Live Strip Show: Actors Perform Indie Funnies

The panelists of Sequential Activism: Saving the World One Panel at a Time
From L to R: Tom Hart, Moderator Brian Heater, Josh Neufeld, Bill Ayers, Peter Kuper and Ward Sutton

Co-organizers Brian Heater and Jeff Newelt