Tuesday, December 22, 2009

One Year Down...

What a crazy, wild trip this past year has been for Graphic NYC. The first week in January will mark the year birthday of what started as a way to get the Graphic NYC book project out there, and its taken on such a life of its own, becoming its own entity.

In the course of that year, we’ve done profiles on about forty comics creators, including a fair share of legends, and have gone beyond with an arsenal of reviews, columns, and comic creator contributions. The site has lived through two revamps as we figure out the nuts and bolts of Blogger and HTML to create as clean a web experience as we can give you, beyond being just another blog by two guys who love comics.

Personally speaking, Graphic NYC is achieving the dream of making comics journalism smarter and sexier, bringing the work beyond the clubhouse of the comics industry or fandom, and giving these creators the exposure, respect, and veneer they deserve. While we could only do this independently, it wouldn't have happened without the support and contributions of several people.

We’ve also gained a fine bunch of reviewers and writers – Miles Archer, Jared Gniewek, and Gene Kogan — and a who’s who of the best comic books have to offer, who have helped us make Graphic NYC better than we’d ever envisioned that entire year ago.

Keep an eye out for the next year of Graphic NYC. We promise it’ll be a doozy, with new features, our new guest editor weeks, and hopefully even more great news and comics goodness. We’ll be back on January 4th, with a profile on the brilliant underground comics mastermind Kim Deitch.