Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Graphic NYC Extras

Periodically, Graphic NYC breaks format to present themed weeks, announce big news, or to just write a little something out of the ordinary.

ACT-I-VATE Week We take a look at the premiere web collective for online comics, in celebration of the release of the hardcoverACT-I-VATE Primer.

Christopher Irving's Blackest Night coffee recipe
Coffee to wake the dead? Christopher geeks out over the Green Lantern story Blackest Night for a minute to share his special coffee recipe.

Harvey Pekar Week Graphic NYC looks at the life and work of the man who made the everyday exceptional in comics.

Fletcher Hanks Destroys New York! Christopher gives a look at the life and career or Fletcher Hanks and Fox Comics in this historical essay.

G.I. Joe Week Graphic NYC celebrates the influential fighting force from the 1980s on.

Jack Kirby Week With a little help from our friends, we celebrate the life and work of Jack "The King" Kirby!